The American Alsatian Pedigree Database

The National American Alsatian Club's American Alsatian Database is designed to have the most comprehensive resource regarding the American Alsatian through extensive research and help from our members. Our aim is to become the greatest peer-governed, paperless American Alsatian historical and informational resource possible, offering both convenience and accountability regarding how our dogs are bred and what they have produced.

We pride ourselves on being devoted to our members in providing services to meet our members wants and needs. Our vision is being the most extensive website on American Alsatians and hosting American Alsatian pedigrees dating back to the origins of the American Alsatian breed.

In order to achieve our goal of having the most comprehensive online pedigree resource for the American Alsatian, we must work together and co-operate.

The NAAC's American Alsatian Pedigree Database is affiliated only with the National American Alsatian Club and no other kennels, clubs, associations or organizations. It is NOT an official American Alsatian registration database, but a place for the entire American Alsatian community to share their dog's pedigree to American Alsatian lovers worldwide. Therefore, no guarantee as to the correctness of the information can be given. If you feel that there is a discrepancy on a dog's pedigree, please email us with your concerns and we'll research the issue. Thank you.

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