Pedigree of:
Merlin (August West)
(MALE) Jun 22 2015, HL0010-2, F-1 Coat = Silver - short
Eyes = brown
Breeder = DirewolfDogs of Vallecito
Notes = Merlin is the beginning of a new GSD line (white)
Hemingway ("Hemi")
Feb 21 2013
M/RA4002- F-1, Coat=short gold wolf gray w/ black mask, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Cool Moon Luke, Temperament=6, Conformation=8

GreyHawk's Mount Rainier
Mar 01 2010
Alaskan Malamute, Coat=Tri silver gray sable with white markings, Breeder=Wakon Giant Malamutes, RegisteredAs=Wakon's Windy Valley

Wakons Snow Cedar
ws292753-01 Alaskan Malamute, Coat=Red & White, Breeder=Wakon Giant Malamutes
Wakon's Meadow II
ws292755-05 Alaskan Malamute, Coat=Gray & White, Breeder=Wakon Giant Malamutes
Autumn Years
Oct 08 2010
F-3, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Autumn Years

Am. Sel. Champion Zorro
Aug 04 2003 TSV3001 F-18, Coat=Tri sable w/ black points (Black pigmentation), Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, Notes=out of trucker or vegas
Missing You ("Missy")
Dec 10 2008 HBA103-7 F-2, Coat=Golden Sable, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, Notes=Split Litter (Hero/Beamer)
Lexi (GSD)

White German Shepherd, Coat=recessive white with black pigmentation, Eyes=brown, Breeder=N/A, Notes=Lexi is not an American Alsatian, but a registered white German Shepherd Dog with dominant dewclaws. Suspected Great Pyrenees background.

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