Pedigree of:
(MALE) Apr 02 2018, BQS3002-2, gold wolf gray Coat = short
Eyes = brown
Breeder = Schwarz Kennels
RegisteredAs = Saigons Quentin Von Q Ball
Notes = Silver blue sable blk points black dorsal silver ticking 120LBS
Mr Q Ball
Jan 04 2017
Red w/ black mask, Coat=short, Eyes=brown, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, Temperament=10, Conformation=7.5, Notes=Purebred English Mastiff

Jun 03 2016
FS2001-9 F-2, Coat=medium silver wolf gray with brindling, Eyes=Yellow, Breeder=Schwarz kennels, RegisteredAs=Swan's Saigon Von Finn, Temperament=8, Conformation=8.5

Sep 28 2013
OS2001-1 F-2, Coat=Short gold sable w/ black mask, Eyes=Yellow, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Booker T / Moody Blue

Lobo (Otis)
Aug 28 2012 Silver Wolf Gray, Coat=Medium, Eyes=Yellow, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Panayiotis Aspiotis, Notes=carries the mask less trait
Summer Rain
Sep 07 2012 M/RA4001-4 F-1, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Autumn's Summer Rain, Notes=carries the mask less trait
Black Swan
Nov 27 2014
SR000-4 F-1, Black/brindled w/ black mask, Coat=Medium, Eyes=light amber, Breeder=Schwarz Kennels, RegisteredAs=Rosie's Black Swan, Notes=ACTUALLY BORN on Nov 28 at 630am- blk female- no w/tip- pink tummy- med coat- wavy long?- r/r 3 toes - l/r 5 toes- bow tie chest markings

Vallecito's Storm
Nov 10 2012 F-1, Coat=light wolf gray/black muzzle, Eyes=Brown, Breeder=Vallecito Alsatians LLC, RegisteredAs=Vallecito's Silver Lining
My Wild Irish Rose ("Rosie")
Feb 18 2013 Irish Wolfhound x Malamute (M'loot), Breeder=Schwarz Kennels
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